Jackfruit Enchilada Verde with Refried Beans and Cultured Sour Cream Drizzle

At first glance these recipes may appear daunting, but they’re really quite simple and can easily be made over several days. If you don’t want to make your own sour cream and/or refried beans and/or corn tortillas skip ahead the next recipe(s)

Cultured Cashew Sour Cream

Start this recipe at least 2 days in advance


1 cup raw cashews

Distilled water

1 probiotic capsule


1. Soak 1 cup raw cashews in water all day or all night in the fridge

2. Drain, rinse and cover cashews completely with fresh water. Add to blender and process until silky smooth. This may take several minutes depending on your blender. The mixture should be thick while also moving freely in the blender. Vitamin owners often say a pre-sock isn’t necessary but I get better results with the pre-soak than without

3. Pour/scrape cashew cream into a pint mason jar, open probiotic capsule, pour contents onto cashew cream and gently stir to incorporate using a non-metallic utensil

4. Cover lightly — I use a plastic mason jar lid — but don’t seal it completely; set aside on kitchen counter away from cold drafts and leave it be

5. Every 12 hours or so uncover and check progress by giving it a sniff test. The warmer the ambient air the quicker the cream will culture. Cream with thicken as it cultures and will develop a tangy scent.

6. When cream is cultured to your liking close lid tightly and place in fridge. Cream will continue to thicken in the fridge. If it becomes too thick simply thin with a little bit of water

Chunky Refried Beans


Dry pinto beans

Granulated onion

Granulated garlic

Cumin powder


1. Rinse beans well, place in pressure cooker and cover with water, bringing water at least 2 inches over top of the beans

2. Generously sprinkle granulated onion and garlic; lightly sprinkle cumin

3. Close lid, press BEAN button and cook for approx 25 minutes

4. Release pressure fast or slow, your choice. Drain beans being sure to RESERVE some of the cooking liquid just in case

5. Using a potato masher mash beans until desired consistency is reached. If bean mixture it too dry add some of the cooking liquid a tablespoon at a time. Alternately, for a smooth consistency process beans using a stick blender

Jackfruit Enchilada Meat


2 cans young jackfruit packed in water, drained and rinsed

2 small cans or 1 large can green enchilada sauce, divided

Granulated garlic aka garlic powder

Granulated onion aka onion powder

Cumin powder


1. Add jackfruit + 1 cup water to pressure cooker, cook 30 minutes on steam setting

2. Release pressure, drain jackfruit and return to pot. Use an old fashioned potato masher to mash/shred jackfruit until it resembled pulled meat

3. Add 1/4 cup enchilada sauce to shredded meat, stir well to combine

4. Spread jackfruit on baking sheet lined with parchment paper or silicone baking mat, sprinkle with dry spices and bake or air-fry @ 400 degrees until some of the meat begins to brown. Remove from oven and set aside

Oil-free soft corn tortilla

2 cups Masa Harina + 1.5 cups water


1. While jackfruit is steaming combine tortilla ingredients in a large bowl and mix well to combine until dough forms. Cover and set aside for 30 minutes

2. While jackfruit bakes, form and cook tortillas: Using a medium ice cream scoop for uniform size, scoop dough, roll between hands to form a ball, then press between two pieces of plastic wrap using tortilla press or rolling pin

3. Heat skillet over medium heat and cook tortillas one at time for approx 30 seconds on the first side, then 60-90 seconds on the second side. Place cooked tortillas on a kitchen towel and cover with another towel. Repeat until all tortillas are cooked

Assemble & bake enchiladas

1. Preheat oven to 350

2. Spread about 1/2 cup green enchilada sauce on bottom of baking dish. Fill each tortilla with 1/4-1/3 cup jackfruit meat, roll and place seam side down onto baking dish. Pour remaining sauce over enchiladas

3. Bake uncovered 20 minutes or until sauce is hot and bubbly

4. Plate enchiladas, thin a tbsp of sour cream with tsp of water, drizzle on enchiladas and serve with a side of chunky refried beans

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