Cashew blue cheese + whole grain onion bread = the perfect pairing

Using Thomas’s recipe ( as a starting point I made the following modifications and ended up with a very delish cashew blue cheese in about 2 weeks instead of 5!

• Eliminate the oil and use a food processor instead of a blender because doing so reduces the need for water, thereby making a firmer and easier to work with product from the very beginning. Just be sure to process it until it’s super smooth and creamy, which definitely takes longer than a blender;

• Culture the cheese on the kitchen counter 3-4 days until blue mold begins to form and only then is it divided into rounds. I use mini spring form pans, but any small cheesecloth-lined pans will do because the cheese is firm enough to handle;

• Immediately after forming the cheeses they’re removed from the pans, salted and placed in a Tupperware container on a ventilated rack and placed in the fridge with the lid gently placed on top but not sealed. Because the cheeses are on a rack the need to turn them is greatly reduced if not eliminated;

• 7-10 days later they’re ready to be enjoyed. Blue mold will continue to form and sharpness will increase the longer they sit in the fridge, but if you’re like me and enjoy a mild blue cheese and/or don’t understand the concept of patience 🙃 this workaround may be just what the doctor ordered.

BTW, vegan penicillium rogueforti strain PRB is available at It’s pricey but well worth the investment.

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