Cashew Cream Cheese

The finished product is a cross between cream cheese and sour cream, making it equally yummy on a baked potato & whole grain toast.

Cover 1 cup of raw cashews with water and soak for an hour or so. Process in high powered blender until smooth. On slowest blender speed add a scoop (it’s tiny) of Primal Defense probiotic (or empty the contents of 2 capsules of your fave probiotic) and blend very briefly. Place mixture in glass container & cover loosely (must breathe) and leave on counter (room temp) 24-48 hours. The longer you leave it the sharper it will get. Refrigerate when done to your liking. Will thicken in the fridge.

Spread on toast or bagel + sprinkle on granulated onion & garlic, cinnamon, pepper whatever else you like on an ‘everything’ bagel. Yum!

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